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 Roles turned down by Alice Faye:

Down Argentine Way
20th Century Fox's reigning box-office attraction Faye fell ill and had to be replaced.
Actor who got the part: Betty Grable

Holiday Inn
When Mary Martin became pregnant and couldn't do the role, her friend and major box-office Fox star Faye wanted to star opposite Fred Astaire and Big Crosby. Faye learned she, too, was pregnant and withdrew.
Actor who got the part: Marjorie Reynolds

A Letter to Three Wives
Faye was considered for one of the leads.

Nymph Errant
In early 1934, Fox bought the screen rights to the sexy Cole Porter stage musical (that starred Gertrude Lawrence) specifically for its reigning star Alice Faye. The restrictive Production Code was instituted and made the sexy project unfilmable.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Faye was considered for the part of Katie Nolan in this film.
Actor who got the part: Dorothy McGuire

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