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 Roles turned down by Henry Fonda:

One of many choices for the role of Ed.
Actor who got the part: Jon Voight

Executive Suite
Producer John Houseman wanted Fonda for the starring role of "McDonald Walling" in all-star drama directed by Robert Wise. Fonda instead committed himself to a musical that never reached Broadway.
Actor who got the part: William Holden

A Fistful of Dollars
Fonda was reportedly director Sergio Leone's original choice to play The Man With No Name.
Actor who got the part: Clint Eastwood

La Dolce Vita
Considered by maestro Federico Fellini for the complex role of "Steiner," but Fonda turned down the chance to be in a masterwork.
Actor who got the part: Alain Cuny

Lonesome Dove
Writer Larry McMurtry had originally invisioned Lonesome Dove as a movie starring John Wayne, James Stewart, and Henry Fonda.
Actor who got the part: Robert Urich

Henry Fonda turned down the part of Howard Beale.
Actor who got the part: Peter Finch

Director Alfred Hitchcock sought Fonda to play the factory worker sent on the run when he's falsely accused of being a traitor.
Actor who got the part: Robert Cummings

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Henry Fonda was considered for the lead role of George.
Actor who got the part: Richard Burton

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