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 Roles turned down by Vin Diesel:

2 Fast 2 Furious
Turned down the lead role to this sequel, because he didn't feel like it was a "franchise" film.
Actor who got the part: Tyrese

Vin Diesel was offered a part in the film, not sure whether it was Daredevil or Bullseye.
Actor who got the part: Ben Affleck

The studio wanted him to star in Hellboy, but the director threatened to drop out if Ron Perlman was not cast.
Actor who got the part: Ron Perlman

Diesel was originally cast as Agent 47, but backed out, not wishing to be typecast.
Actor who got the part: Timothy Olyphant

The Punisher
Diesel was considered for the role of Frank Castle.
Actor who got the part: Thomas Jane

Reindeer Games
Vin Diesel was actually cast in the movie but dropped out over "creative differences."

xXx: State of the Union
Vin Diesel was asked to play the lead role once again, but refused.
Actor who got the part: Ice Cube

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