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 Roles turned down by Robert Donat:

Captain Blood
The handsome, dashing Donat was scheduled to star as the romantic swashbuckler one of the truly great pirate films but withdrew before filming began.
Actor who got the part: Errol Flynn

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
MGM's first choice for the leading dual roles was the handsome, top ranking star Donat.
Actor who got the part: Spencer Tracy

The Garden of Allah
Considered and screentested for the role of the monk.
Actor who got the part: Charles Boyer

Alfred Hitchcock wanted to cast Donat for the second time as "Richard Hannay" in a movie version of the John Buchan spy adventure thriller and make it a sequel to his influential classic hit, "the 39 Steps."
Actor who got the part: Project Never Made

Hobson's Choice
The handsome star was director David Lean's first choice to play master boot-maker Willie.
Actor who got the part: John Mills

Lawrence of Arabia
Over the years, one of the film stars considered ideal to play the heroic, complex title character.
Actor who got the part: Peter O'Toole

Alfred Hitchcock wanted him to play the handsome, troubled "Maxim de Winter," but he declined reportedly for health reasons.
Actor who got the part: Laurence Olivier

A prolonged illness prevented matinee idol and major star Donat from starring for legendary director Alfred Hitchcock as a police detective who unmasks a London terrorist.
Actor who got the part: John Loder

Secret Agent
Director Alfred Hitchcock wanted to work again with his handsome star of "the 39 Steps' but Donat had other commitments.
Actor who got the part: John Gielgud

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