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 Roles turned down by Marlene Dietrich:

The part of Lisa Schlinder was written for Marlene, but by 1967 she was not thought to be good box office.
Actor who got the part: Simone Signoret

I Remember Mama
Badly wanted to star as the Norwegian matriarch, but was turned down by the producers because she didn't project sufficient maternal quality on screen.
Actor who got the part: Irene Dunne

In his DVD commentary, film historian Rudy Behlmer reports that Marlene Dietrich had expressed interest in playing the title role in a film.
Actor who got the part: Gene Tierney

Pal Joey
Dietrich, then at the peak of her career as a Las Vegas entertainer, turned down an invitation from Columbia chief Harry Cohn to play the rich, seductive Vera Simpson.
Actor who got the part: Rita Hayworth

Pandora's Box
Dietrich nearly played the role of the tragic, fascinating vamp.
Actor who got the part: Louise Brooks

Legendary producer David O. Selznick refused to do this Western unless he could have Dietrich as "Dallas" opposite Gary Cooper.
Actor who got the part: Claire Trevor

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Was considered to play "Blanche Hudson".
Actor who got the part: Joan Crawford

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