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 Roles turned down by Keanu Reeves:

Keanu Reeves passed on the role of Ramsey (Eddie Murphy).
Actor who got the part: Eddie Murphy

Rob Marshall wanted Keanu Reeves for the role of "Amos Hart".
Actor who got the part: John C. Reilly

Cutthroat Island
Reeves was turned down for lead the role of William.
Actor who got the part: Matthew Modine

Keanu Reeves turned down the part of Robert.
Actor who got the part: Patrick Dempsey

The Fly II
Keanu turned down the lead in this sequel. The part eventually went to Eric Stoltz.
Actor who got the part: Eric Stoltz

Reeves was given the part of Chris Shiherlis before it went to Val Kilmer.

The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring
Keanu told Australian-based RipItUp magazine that he wanted to play the part of Aragorn.
Actor who got the part: Viggo Mortensen

The Object of My Affection
At one time, the film was to be made with Uma Thurman and Keanu Reeves in the lead roles.
Actor who got the part: Paul Rudd

Reeves was offered the part of Pvt. Chris Taylor before it went to Charlie Sheen.

Keanu Reeves was named as the lead (Bob Lee Swagger) but at that time the movie was stalled.
Actor who got the part: Mark Wahlberg

Speed 2: Cruise Control
Dropped out of the sequel after agreeing to play the role of Jack.

In 2005, Reeves was actually mentioned to play the sexy, opportunistic lowlife who was involved with film star Lana Turner.
Actor who got the part: Film Was Never Made

Keanu Reeves turned down role of Dr. Manhattan in the Watchmen.
Actor who got the part: Billy Crudup

Considered for the role of Wolverine.

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