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 Roles turned down by Ronald Reagan:

Arsenic and Old Lace
Ronald Reagan was approached for the role of "Mortimer".
Actor who got the part: Cary Grant

The Best Man
Ronald Reagan was rejected for the role of a presidental candidate because he didn't look the part. How's that for irony.
Actor who got the part: Henry Fonda

Before the film was released, Ronald Reagan was being advertised as having the lead. Some speculate that it was a studio publicity stunt.
Actor who got the part: Humphrey Bogart

The Graduate
Ronald Reagan was consdiered for the role of Mr. Braddock.

Sergeant York
At one point, Warner Bros thought they would have to film without Cooper so they screen tested Ronald Reagan for the role of Sergeant York.
Actor who got the part: Gary Cooper

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Ronald Reagan was offered the part of Curtin by director John Huston, but Warner Brothers refused to let the actor get out of The Voice of the Turtle, which was scheduled to be made at the same time.
Actor who got the part: Tim Holt

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