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 Roles turned down by Tyrone Power:

The Barretts of Wimpole Street
Power was thought of for the role of Robert Browning when it was to have co-starred he and Deborah Kerr.
Actor who got the part: Bill Travers

From Here to Eternity
Harry Cohn was always desperate to get Tyrone Power for a film, but could never get him away from Zanuck. He finally got his chance and offered Power the lead in From Here to Eternity, but Power turned it down to do a play.
Actor who got the part: Burt Lancaster

Golden Boy
Tyrone Power was offered many roles during his career - and while he was at Fox, Darryl Zanuck turned them all down. This includes the lead in "Golden Boy" that went to William Holden.
Actor who got the part: William Holden

Gone with the Wind
20th Century Fox head Darryl F. Zanuck foolishly and selfishly denied the makers of this Civil War classic epic the chance to borrow Power from Fox so that he could play Ashley Wilkes.
Actor who got the part: Leslie Howard

Kings Row
Power was offered the role of Paris in Kings Row, but Darryl Zanuck, furious that Power ended up on screen such a short time when he lent him to MGM for Marie Antoinette, refused to ever lend him out again.
Actor who got the part: Robert Cummings

The Robe
Studio bosses offered the "Marcellus Gallio" role to Power, but he instead chose to do a stage play.
Actor who got the part: Richard Burton

Solomon and Sheba
Power had filmed nearly half the movie when he collapsed and died after filming a dueling sequence.
Actor who got the part: Yul Brynner

Viva Zapata!
The major star and heartthrob was the original choice to play Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata for director Elia Kazan.
Actor who got the part: Marlon Brando

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