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 Who was considered for Golden Boy?

Jean Arthur
Arthur wanted the role of Lorna Moone and was supposed to play it, but the director wanted another actress in the part.
Actor who got the part: Barbara Stanwyck

Richard Carlson
The young actor had been set to star opposite Barbara Stanwyck in the movie version of the Clifford Odets work, but was tied-up with a stageplay and could not get free. Stanwyck championed the young William Holden to replace Carlson.
Actor who got the part: William Holden

John Garfield
Although the play was written by his friend, Clifford Odets, expressly for him, the role was given to another member of the Group Theatre. Garfield was considered for the film, but the role went to William Holden.
Actor who got the part: William Holden

Tyrone Power
Tyrone Power was offered many roles during his career - and while he was at Fox, Darryl Zanuck turned them all down. This includes the lead in "Golden Boy" that went to William Holden.
Actor who got the part: William Holden

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