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 Roles turned down by Kay Lenz:

American Gigolo
Auditioned for the role of Michelle.
Actor who got the part: Lauren Hutton

Lenz was interested to play the lead female role in a high profile movie, because her previous attempts to be a movie star failed.
Actor who got the part: Liza Minnelli

Bull Durham
Lost out to Susan Sarandon for the role of Annie, because producers wanted a more profitable star.
Actor who got the part: Susan Sarandon

Was considered for the role of Chris Hargensen.
Actor who got the part: Nancy Allen

The Exorcist
Turned down the role of Regan McNeil because she didn't like the script. William Friedkin decided she was too old.
Actor who got the part: Linda Blair

Hannah and Her Sisters
Was supposed to play the lead role, but dropped out to do another film.
Actor who got the part: Mia Farrow

Once Upon a Time in America
Had the role of Carol but lost it to Tuesday Weld when Sergio Leone was forced to go with a more bankable star.
Actor who got the part: Tuesday Weld

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