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 Roles turned down by Tea Leoni:

Ambrose Chapel
Pitt, Liam Neeson, Tea Leoni, Martin Sheen and Madonna were reportedly attached to this 'psychological thriller' to be directed by Brian DePalma. Never got off the ground.
Actor who got the part: Project Never Got Made

Charlie's Angels
Tea Leoni auditioned for a role (as a dare) and got the part. A writer's strike in Hollywood meant the series was never made, but the pre-publicity was enough to get Tea noticed.

Gangs of New York
Tea Leoni was turned down for playing Jenny.
Actor who got the part: Cameron Diaz

Intolerable Cruelty
Originally Jonathan Demme was attached to direct with Tea Leoni and Hugh Grant on board.
Actor who got the part: Catherine Zeta-jones

Runaway Bride
One of several actors attached at some point, because the film was in development for over 10 years.

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