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 Roles turned down by Juliette Lewis:

Juliette Lewis was up for the pivotal role of Lydia Deetz.
Actor who got the part: Winona Ryder

Juliette Lewis was reportedly an early contenter for the role of Lucy.
Actor who got the part: Sadie Frost

Higher Learning
Juliette Lewis turned down the role of Kristen Connor.
Actor who got the part: Kristy Swanson

Jurassic Park
Juliette Lewis auditioned to play Ellie.
Actor who got the part: Laura Dern

The Killer Inside Me
Lewis was set to star as Joyce Lakeland when Quentin Tarantino was attached as director to the project in the mid-1990s, but when it was made in the 2000s, she was no longer age appropiate.
Actor who got the part: Jessica Alba

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