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 Roles turned down by William Holden:

The Americanization of Emily
The top actor and box-office star was first offered the role of Lt. Commander Charles E. Madison in the comedy drama.
Actor who got the part: James Garner

William Holden was considered for the role of Commissioner Gordon in the seminal stages of the project.

The Facts of Life
This movie was orignally conceived as a drama with William Holden or Jimmy Stewart as the male lead.
Actor who got the part: Bob Hope

The Guns of Navarone
Asked for too much money to play the great role of "Captain Keith Mallory," so he missed out.
Actor who got the part: Gregory Peck

The Man with the Golden Arm
William Holden was considered to star. Holden had worked previously with director Otto Preminger on the Moon Is Blue.
Actor who got the part: Frank Sinatra

Mister Roberts
Turned down the lead role in the movie version of the Broadway hit about life aboard a US Navy ship during WW II.
Actor who got the part: Henry Fonda

North By Northwest
With Cary Grant backing out of many movie projects and often saying he would retire from the screen, Alfred Hitchcock put Holden on a short list of stars who might play the man on the run from dangerous spies.
Actor who got the part: Cary Grant

The Omen
Turned down the role of the American ambassador with the demonic child.
Actor who got the part: Gregory Peck

Strangers on a Train
Director Alfred Hitchcock thought William Holden would be sexy and convincing as a tennis player.
Actor who got the part: Farley Granger

The Trouble with Harry
Alfred Hitchcock wanted Holden to star as painter "Sam Marlowe" in his comedy thriller set in rural Vermont.
Actor who got the part: John Forsythe

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