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 Who was considered for Tootsie?

Hal Ashby
After developing the film for years with Dustin Hoffman, he ended up not directing.
Actor who got the part: Sydney Pollack

Chevy Chase
Chevy Chase auditioned, but didn't get a part.

Cher was also up for the role of Julie Nichols but Sydney Pollack ultimately cast Jessica Lange.
Actor who got the part: Jessica Lange

Dabney Coleman
Sydney Pollack wanted Dabney Coleman to play the agent, but Dustin Hoffman insisted that Pollack play the role himself; Coleman was cast as the chauvanistic soap opera director Ron instead.
Actor who got the part: Sydney Pollack

Buddy Hackett
Buddy Hackett wanted to play the role of the agent and it was he who brought the screenplay (an early version of it) to the attention of executive producer Charles Evans.
Actor who got the part: Sydney Pollack

George Hamilton
George Hamilton was to play the lead in an early version of the screenplay when producer Bob Kaufman was attached.
Actor who got the part: Dustin Hoffman

Polly Holliday
Polly Holliday was Dustin Hoffman's choice for Rita, the seasoned soap opera producer; Sydney Pollack prevailed in casting Doris Belack.
Actor who got the part: Doris Belack

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