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 Who was considered for Something Wicked This Way Comes?

Kirk Douglas
The major star bought the rights to the book in the 'Seventies and hoped to change his image by playing the sad, haunted father of Ray Bradbury's famous novel.
Actor who got the part: Jason Robards

Gene Kelly
In 1955, Ray Bradbury developed a screen treatment of his short story "The Black Ferris" specifically for his friend Kelly, the great singer and dancer. Kelly failed to raise the production money to make the film. Bradbury developed it instead as a novel, which he dedicated to Kelly.

Christopher Lee
Author Ray Bradbury had the great Lee in mind as a top choice to play Mr. Dark.
Actor who got the part: Jonathan Price

Peter O'Toole
Author Ray Bradbury had O'Toole at the top of his wish list to play "Mr. Dark."
Actor who got the part: Jonathan Price

Sam Peckinpah
The director was briefly attached to a planned big screen adaptation of Ray Bradbury's classic novel.
Actor who got the part: Jack Clayton

Jason Robards
Author Ray Bradbury in the 'Sixties suggested to producers Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler that Robards would be a wonderful Mr. Dark. The producers were not interested. When the film was made in the 'Eighties, the great Robards played the role of Charles Holloway.
Actor who got the part: Jonathan Price

Steven Spielberg
The director considered making the film version of Ray Bradbury's beloved novel. In the end, he opted to instead direct "Raiders of the Lost Ark."
Actor who got the part: Jack Clayton

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