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 Who was considered for Midnight Cowboy?

Warren Beatty
Beatty showed interest in playing Joe Buck.
Actor who got the part: Jon Voight

Robert Blake
Robert Blake was the first choice to play Ratso Rizzo in Midnight Cowboy, but the part wasn't "sexy" enough for Blake so he turned it down.
Actor who got the part: Dustin Hoffman

Lee Majors
Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man) was originally cast as Joe Buck.
Actor who got the part: Jon Voight

Kiel Martin
According to an interview with Jon Voight, the three finalists for the role of Joe Buck were himself, Michael Sarrazin and Kiel Martin.
Actor who got the part: Jon Voight

Al Pacino
Pacino was scheduled to make an appearance as a Vietnam vet but couldn't fit it in his schedule.

Elvis Presley
Elvis was supposed to play the character that leaves his hometown to make it big in New York.
Actor who got the part: Jon Voight

Michael Sarrazin
Was the front-runner to play male prostitute "Joe Buck" when Lee Majors had to drop out due to his TV series commitment on "The Big Valley."
Actor who got the part: Jon Voight

Andy Warhol
Warhol was originally slated to appear as himself in the Factory sequence but it was cancelled when he was shot and wounded by Valerie Solanis.

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