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 Who was considered for Hamlet?

John Barrymore
Barrymore made a screen test for a film version of his greatest stage role in 1933, but his health and memory were no longer up to the task.

John Gielgud
John Gielgud was approached by producer Alexander Korda about immortalizing his stage performance on film, but turned the offer down because he didn't enjoy filming at that point in his career.

Cary Grant
Alfred Hitchcock wanted to star Grant in a modern-day version of Shakespeare's classic play. The project was dropped for many reasons.
Actor who got the part: Film Was Never Made,

Alfred Hitchcock
In the '40s, the director considered a modern-day version of Shakespeare's classic play with Cary Grant as his star. the whole idea got dropped for many reasons.
Actor who got the part: Film Was Never Made

Vivien Leigh
Leigh desperately wanted to play Ophelia in her husband Laurence Olivier's film, but he felt that she was too old for the role.
Actor who got the part: Jean Simmons

F.J. McCormick
F.J. McCormick was originally cast as the gravedigger in Laurence Olivier's film of the Shakespeare tragedy, but died shortly before filming began.
Actor who got the part: Stanley Holloway

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