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 Roles turned down by Spencer Tracy:

Anatomy of a Murder
The legendary actor turned down the role of the judge. In the end, the role was played by the real-life judge who participated in the Army-McCarthy hearings.
Actor who got the part: Joseph N. Welch

The Cincinnati Kid
In the poker-themed movie, the master actor and top film star Tracy declined the role of "Lancey Howard."
Actor who got the part: Edward G. Robinson

Come and Get It
Spencer Tracy was proposed for the role of lumber tycoon Barney Glasgow.
Actor who got the part: Edward Arnold

The Day the Earth Stood Still
Director Robert Wise wanted Tracey for the part ot "Klaatu", but he turned it down because he didn't want to play second fiddle to a giant robot.
Actor who got the part: Michael Rennie

The Desperate Hours (1955)
In the masterful original film version directed by William Wyler, Tracy was intended as the co-star of his good friend Humphrey Bogart. When the terms of the starring billing could not be worked out to the actors' satisfaction, the role was recast.
Actor who got the part: Fredric March

Forever, Darling
Hepburn and Tracy turned down this MGM project about a long-married couple having relationship problems.
Actor who got the part: Desi Arnaz

The High and The Mighty
Spencer Tracy originally signed on as the co-pilot Dan Roman but backed out after hearing of director William Wellman's hard reputation.
Actor who got the part: John Wayne

Mister Roberts
Turned down the role of "Lt. 'Doc'" in the movie version of the big hit Broadway play set on a Navy ship during the Second World War.
Actor who got the part: William Powell

National Velvet
Spencer Tracy was considered in the late 1930's to be cast as Mr. Brown. The film was not made for another 8 years.
Actor who got the part: Donald Crisp

The great star was a leading contender to play opposite Greta Garbo in the sophisticated comedy directed by Ernst Lubitsch.
Actor who got the part: Melvyn Douglas

The Philadelphia Story
Katherine Hepburn wanted Spencer Tracy for the part of MaCaulay Connor, but Tracy wasn't available.
Actor who got the part: JamesStewart

The Yearling
MGM originally tried to make a film of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' novel in 1941 with Tracy in the lead, but production delays forced the project to be canceled.
Actor who got the part: Gregory Peck

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