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 Roles turned down by Matt Damon:

He said, when discussing a new project with Neil Blomkamp (District 9's director) and asked if he will be an alien: "I'm not going to be a 10-foot-tall blue alien... though I did have a chance to be in that movie." Obviously referencing Avatar...
Actor who got the part: Sam Worthington

Batman Forever
Damon was reportedly considered for the role of Robin.
Actor who got the part: Chris O'Donnell

Brokeback Mountain
Talked with "Good Will Hunting" director Gus Van Sant about starring in a movie version of the great short story.
Actor who got the part: Heath Ledger

Cinderella Man
Damon was considered for the lead role of Jimmy Braddock.
Actor who got the part: Russell Crowe

Cold Mountain
Damon was considered to play Inman.
Actor who got the part: Jude Law

Reportedly considered to play Daredevil.

The Dark Knight
Damon reportedly turned down the role of Harvey Dent.
Actor who got the part: Aaron Eckhart

The Majestic
Turned down the leading role in director Frank Darabont's Capra-esque movie. He chose instead "The Bourne Identity."
Actor who got the part: Jim Carrey

Damon was mentioned to play the emotionally troubled, homophobic San Francisco Supervisor in Gus Van Sant's biographical film about the late Harvey Milk.
Actor who got the part: Josh Brolin

Minority Report
Damon was considered for the part that later went to Colin Farrell.
Actor who got the part: Colin Farrell

Damon was reportedly offered the part that went to Affleck, but turned it down because it was too similar to Jason Bourne. He recommended Affleck.
Actor who got the part: Ben Affleck

Pearl Harbor
Producers wanted to cast Matt in a lead role but couldn't get him.

Primal Fear
Damon auditioned for the role of Aaron Stampler.
Actor who got the part: Edward Norton

To Die For
Auditioned for the key role of " Jimmy Emmett" in director Gus Van Sant's dark comedy.
Actor who got the part: Joaquin Phoenix

Training Day
Matt Damon was attached to the project at one time as rookie Jake Hoyt.
Actor who got the part: Ethan Hawke

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