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 Roles turned down by Lauren Bacall:

All The President's Men
Bacall was thought of for a role in this film.

Beat The Devil
Bacall was thought of for this role by director Huston.
Actor who got the part: Jennifer Jones

Blowing Wild
After Bacall turned down the role of Marina Conway, Barbara Stanwyck stepped in for a reunion with her "Meet John Doe" and "Ball of Fire" co-star, Gary Cooper.
Actor who got the part: Barbara Stanwyck

Cactus Flower
Bacall became the toast of Broadway with her performance as Stephanie and expected to do the role on film. Columbia Pictures gave the part to Ingrid Bergman, thinking she would draw bigger audiences.
Actor who got the part: Ingrid Bergman

In a Lonely Place
Warner Brothers (with who she was under contract) refused to release her.
Actor who got the part: Gloria Grahame

Malice in Wonderland
Bacall dropped out of playing Hollywood gossip columnist Hedda Hopper in this made for TV movie opposite Elizabeth Taylor as Louella Parsons.
Actor who got the part: Jane Alexander

The Man with The Golden Arm
Bacall turned down this role as she was not offered enough money; she later regretted it.
Actor who got the part: Eleanor Parker

Melville Goodwin USA
Lauren Bacall would have co-starred with husband Humphrey Bogart, but Bogart became ill with cancer and died before filming could begin. the movie was later filmed under a different title, "Top Secret Affair."
Actor who got the part: Susan Hayward

Romance on the High Seas
Bacall was put on suspension at Warner Brothers for refusing to play Elvira Kent in this musical, which is mainly remembered as the vehicle that gave Doris Day her big break.
Actor who got the part: Janis Paige

Bogey wanted his wife Lauren Bacall in the role of Sabrina. Billy Wilder, director, said "No way!"
Actor who got the part: Audrey Hepburn

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