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 Roles turned down by Ben Affleck:

Brokeback Mountain
Was among the top actors director Gus Van Sant talked to about starring in the love story between to ranch hands.
Actor who got the part: Heath Ledger

Cinderella Man
Ben Affleck was reportedly considered for the role of Jimmy Braddock.
Actor who got the part: Russell Crowe

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Originally announced by Disney to star in the Charles Dickens'-inspired comedy as a playboy bachelor, Affleck suffered loss of career status after the failure of "Gigli" and became of less interest to the studio.
Actor who got the part: Matthew McConaughey

Glory Road
Affleck was orginaly set to play Coach Don Haskins but turned it down.
Actor who got the part: Josh Lucas

Gone Baby Gone
Affleck originally considered playing the role of Patrick Kenzie but decided to focus all of his energies on directing the film instead.
Actor who got the part: Casey Affleck

License to Drive
Affleck auditioned for the part of Les Anderson (Corey Haim).
Actor who got the part: Corey Haim

Live Free Or Die Hard
In Spring 2005, several sources reported that Ben Affleck was in talks to costar as McClane's son in Live Free or Die Hard.

Runaway Bride
One of several actors attached at some point, because the film was in development for over 10 years.

Affleck wanted to play the small role of a talk show host, but because of Armageddon, he couldn't do the role.
Actor who got the part: Scott Mosier

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