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 Who was considered for UHF?

JM J. Bullock
Bullock was actually hired for the role of Richard Fletcher, but had to pull out at the last minute.
Actor who got the part: John Paragon

Crispin Glover
The producers loved Crispin and offered him the part of Philo. Crispin read the script and said the only role he'd be interested in playing was "Crazy Ernie." They couldn't see him in the role.
Actor who got the part: Anthony Geary (Philo), John Cadenhead (Crazy Ernie)

Joel Hodgson
The "MST3K" creator was offered the role of Philo, but he turned it down because he was feeling a little burnt out on Hollywood.
Actor who got the part: Anthony Geary

Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Lloyd was briefly considered for the role of Stanley Spadowski before their first choice, Michael Richards, was hired.
Actor who got the part: Michael Richards

David Spade
A young David Spade auditioned for the part of Bob. Shame he wasn't cast; we could've seen him hit in the face with a frying pan.
Actor who got the part: David Bowe

Sylvester Stallone
The producers wanted Sly to cameo as a "helicopter rentals" booth clerk in a scene that parodied Rambo. He passed.

Jennifer Tilly
Jennifer Tilly auditioned for the role of Teri.
Actor who got the part: Victoria Jackson

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