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 Who was considered for Friendly Persuasion?

Jean Arthur
She was considered for this role in the early 1950's with a different director and leading man (Frank Capra and Bing Crosby), none of whom were ultimately involved with the final film.
Actor who got the part: Dorothy McGuire

Frank Capra
Capra wrote in his autobiography that he was going to direct a film of the Jessamyn West novel as part of a three-picture deal that ultimately fell through.
Actor who got the part: William Wyler

Vivien Leigh
Leigh was perhaps the most untypical actress considered for the role of Quaker minister, wife and mother Eliza Birdwell, but she was in the running among many other lead actresses of the time.
Actor who got the part: Dorothy McGuire

Maureen O'Hara
According to her autobiography, O'Hara was cast as Eliza Birdwell, but happened to mention it to John Ford and he called William Wyler and had her removed from the cast as he hated her so much.
Actor who got the part: Dorothy McGuire

Eleanor Parker
Many actresses were considered for this part, including Parker.
Actor who got the part: Dorothy McGuire

Susan Strasberg
Strasberg auditioned for the role of the 16 year old daughter which ended up being played by Phyllis Love who had already turned 30.
Actor who got the part: Phyllis Love

Jane Wyman
Although many actresses were thought of for the role of Eliza Birdwell, Wyman was one of the ones who was offered it. However, she declined as she wanted to start her tv anthology show.
Actor who got the part: Dorothy McGuire

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