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 Who was considered for Anna and the King of Siam?

Jean Arthur
Many fine actresses wanted this role, but only a few were offered it. One was Jean Arthur and she declined it so she could be in the play Born Yesterday.
Actor who got the part: Irene Dunne

Bette Davis
Twentieth-Century Fox attempted to borrow Bette Davis in 1946 to appear in Anna and the King of Siam; however, Bette's home studio, Warner Bros., said no.
Actor who got the part: Irene Dunne

Olivia De Havilland
De Havilland wanted to play this role very much, along with many other actresses.
Actor who got the part: Irene Dunne

Myrna Loy
When production was delayed on this film due to Irene Dunne's husband being ill and she needing to be with him, the producers almost replaced her with Myrna Loy.
Actor who got the part: Irene Dunne

Dorothy McGuire
McGuire was very strongly considered for this role, along with many other actreses, but did not win the part of Mrs. Anna.
Actor who got the part: Irene Dunne

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