page_title=$title; $gbl->meta_key=$title; $gbl->meta_desc="See who turned down roles in the ".strtolower($title); $gbl->getHeader(); $db->debug = 0; if ($search_phrase=='192') { $f['link']='/movies/pandora-s-box'; $f['img']='/images/favs/1920s.gif'; $f['title']='Marlene Dietrich in Pandora\'s Box?'; $f['desc']='Dietrich nearly played the role of the tragic, fascinating vamp.'; } elseif ($search_phrase=='193') { $f['link']='/movies/gone-with-the-wind'; $f['img']='/images/favs/8.jpg'; $f['title']='Lucille Ball in Gone with the Wind?'; $f['desc']='Lucille Ball was one of many actresses considered for the part of Scarlett.'; } elseif ($search_phrase=='194') { $f['link']='/movies/casablanca'; $f['img']='/images/favs/1940s.gif'; $f['title']='Ronald Reagan in Casablanca?'; $f['desc']='Before the film was released, Ronald Reagan was being advertised as having the lead. Some speculate that it was a studio publicity stunt.'; } elseif ($search_phrase=='195') { $f['link']='/movies/guys-and-dolls'; $f['img']='/images/favs/1950s.gif'; $f['title']='Dean Martin in Guys and Dolls?'; $f['desc']='Was the top choice to play gambler "Nathan Detroit" but passed on the role when his friend Frank Sinatra failed to land the role of "Sky Masterson."'; } elseif ($search_phrase=='196') { $f['link']='/movies/romeo-and-juliet--1968'; $f['img']='/images/favs/23.jpg'; $f['title']='Paul McCartney in Romeo and Juliet?'; $f['desc']='Director Franco Zefferelli wanted Paul McCartney to play Romeo. McCartney turned him down because he didn\'t think he was a good enough actor and the Beatles were recording "Sgt. Pepper" at the time.'; } elseif ($search_phrase=='197') { $f['link']='/movies/star-wars'; $f['img']='/images/favs/16.jpg'; $f['title']='Sylvester Stallone in Star Wars?'; $f['desc']='According to Lucas, Sylvester Stallone was considered for the role of Han Solo (along with over 1000 others).'; } elseif ($search_phrase=='198') { $f['link']='/movies/karate-kid'; $f['img']='/images/favs/7.jpg'; $f['title']='Chuck Norris in The Karate Kid?'; $f['desc']='Chuck Norris turned down the part of John Kreese (Cobra Kai Sensei).'; } elseif ($search_phrase=='199') { $f['link']='/movies/matrix'; $f['img']='/images/favs/4.jpg'; $f['title']='Will Smith in The Matrix?'; $f['desc']='Will Smith turned down the lead role, admitting later that he had no regrets because "Keanu was brilliant as Neo."'; } elseif ($search_phrase=='200') { $f['link']='/movies/shrek'; $f['img']='/images/favs/2.jpg'; $f['title']='Chris Farley in Shrek?'; $f['desc']='Chris Farley was originally cast as Shrek and even recorded the dialogue before he passed away.'; } ?>
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