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Dracula (1931)
 Who was considered for Dracula (1931)?

Arthur Edmund Carewe
Arthur Edmund Carewe was briefly considered for the part of Count Dracula, most likely on the basis of his performance in Universal's 1925 "The Phantom of the Opera."
Actor who got the part: Bela Lugosi

Lon Chaney
Universal studios aquired "Dracula" so that Chaney could play the lead, be he was already striken with the throat cancer that would kill him.
Actor who got the part: Bela Lugosi

Bette Davis
Under contract to Universal at the time, she was considered for the role of "Mina Harker" but the studio president was unconvinced of her sex appeal.
Actor who got the part: Helen Chandler

Ian Keith
When Lon Chaney died, Keith became one of the first actors considered to replace him as the vampire count.
Actor who got the part: Bela Lugosi

Paul Muni
Paul Muni had made "Scarface" for Universal,which was a big hit. He was offered "Dracula" but declined.
Actor who got the part: Bela Lugosi

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